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Becoming a member

The membership is reserved to the staff members (and their family members) working for the European Institutions, associated organizations and Representations of Member States.

To become a member, please send an email to

To renew your membership, do the same, send an email to 

In both cases, after validation by our webmaster, you will get access to an online form for entering your data.

Our membership fees are as follows :

- 35 euros for the full member (rider or not) being an official of the European Institutions, or permanent Representation, or any EU-linked Institution or Agency
- 35 euros for any additional rider of the family (aged 18 years and more)
- free for children under 18 years

IN ALL CASES OF RIDERS (adults or children), THE INSURANCE IS MANDATORY otherwise you will not be allowed to ride in the manèges.

The list of our Equestrian Centers is available in the Riding section.


Please keep in mind that an insurance is mandatory for riding, would that be with your horse, or a horse that you lease or even a horse that you borrow.

The CEUE makes use of the standard ARENA contract from the LEWB federation (Ligue Equestre Wallonie Bruxelles). This contract provides all protections for our riders. See details of the contract in our "Miscellaneous" section.

The cost of insurance for one rider is 23 euros per calendar year (no reduced fees in purchased during the year except during the last quarter of one year - actual cost in this case is 30 euros and covers the remaining quarter plus the next calendar year).

Account number for paying membership fees

The account number of the CEUE is as follows :

Banca Monte Paschi

Official address of the CEUE

This address of our Secretariat is to be used for all postal mails.

CEUE – Leonard Liesens
European Commission (DG Communication)
1049 Brussels




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