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Riding with the CEUE

The horse... Riding the horse inside or outside, in the forest or in the countryside, on the flat and in the hills, in the mountains or at the sea, on the sand, on rocks or in the mud, under the sun or when it is pouring with rain... That's what we like... riding!

Would they be arabians, andalusians, half blood, thoroughbreds, trotters, paso, poneys, draft horses or any breed... we like their fidelity, their smell, their attitude, their generosity.

Equestrian Centers (Manèges Partenaires)


We have a partnership with several Equestrian Centers in Brussels allowing our members to ride in these clubs without having to pay the usual membership fees of each of them. Most of the riding clubs are located in the southern part of the Brussel's area along the gorgeous "Forêt de Soignes". They are easily reachable by car, but also by bus or train.

For newcomers, we strongly suggest that you visit several clubs, sneak around, attend a riding lesson as a spectator, talk to the teacher and other riders, visit the horse stables, etc. Then, using our member card, you will be able to register for one riding lesson. depending on your choice, you may also book another riding lesson in another club... and compare. The choice is yours.

Other Equestrian Centers are located in the northern part of Brussels and away from the forest belt. Depending on the place you live, you have full choice


Near the 'Forêt de Soignes"

Ecole d'équitation MUSETTE
Contact CEUE

Brusselsesteenweg 143 1560 HOEILAART
Contact manège Luc Musette / Ariane Musette
Tel. 32 2 657 05 39 Gsm 32 475 24 60 66 Fax 32 2 657 51 38 Email /

Cercle Equestre LES DRAGS
Contact CEUE:

Brusselsesteenweg 197 1560 HOEILAART
Contact manège Karl Lacus
Tel 32 2 657 00 25 Gsm Fax 32 2 657 40 09
Email v.

Cercle Equestre ARIOSA
Contact CEUE:

Groenendaalsesteenweg 141 1560 HOEILAART
Contact manège Thierry Siaens
Tel 32 2 657 33 05 Gsm 0497 07 06 64




Other locations near BXL





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